About our cashmere

All cashmere comes from the hair of the kashmir goat, native to the Gobi desert and surrounding plateaus stretching from Northern China to Mongolia. Although the word cashmere is sometimes incorrectly applied to extremely soft wools, only the product of the Kashmir goat is true cashmere.

The goat has two types of hair, a rough outer layer which repels the harsh weather, and a fine under-coat which ranges from 2.5 to 9 cm depending on the altitude at which the goat lives, which insulates the animals, keeping them warm in freezing conditions. It is this fine hair which is used to make cashmere yarn.  Separating these hairs is a time consuming process, traditionally done by hand. It is this, combined with the relative scarcity of the goats themselves, and the fact that each goat only produces around 150g of cashmere annually, that makes it such an expensive commodity.

Luxury Yarns cashmere is made using the finest raw materials selected in Inner Mongolia, and its extremely fine micronage ensures the final product is as soft as possible. In addition the fact that the goats spend all year round above 2000m, the fibres are long and hence less prone to pilling.

The yarns are then manufactured in Italy, by a company with more than a century of experience, supported by the most up to date technology to preserve the best quality throughout the entire production process. This combined with exclusive Italian creativity and quality make our yarns the very best cashmere on the market.

The manufacturer is also committed to ongoing sustainability practices and is part of the Sustainable Fiber Alliance, the Responsible Wool Standard, and Greenpeace’s Detox campaign so the yarns are as “eco” as any cashmere in the world.

Having searched the globe for the perfect yarns, and tried and tested many different cashmere yarns I truly believe that these really are the ultimate Luxury Yarns, both for quality and value and I think you will too.

Our current catalogue consists of:

Decadence – a 4ply marled pure cashmere
Di Lusso – a sport/5py pure cashmere
Finissimo – a DK/double knit pure cashmere yarn,
XF Cashino Aran – an Aran weight blend of 60% extrafine merino 40% cashmere

We are always adding to our range so please check back here regularly.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist of any of our cashmere yarns please contact me for our wholesale price list and terms.