About Me

Hello, and welcome to Luxury Yarns – the home of… yes – luxury yarns – and now also the home of my hand dyed Orchidean Yarns, and a few other bits too. My name is Abby and I am a yarnaholic! I have a lovely husband, two amazing sons aged 11 and 6, a dog, two cats, a snake and a lizard so I am always busy!

I have been knitting and crocheting since I was about 5 years old… I remember watching my mother make beautiful jumpers, bags and belts etc (bearing in mind this was the ’70s – and almost everything was made out of afghan squares) and I longed to be able to make things for my dolls. So I begged her to teach me, and I haven’t really stopped since.

I am passionate about quality wool, and spent much of my LBC (life before children) trailing haberdashery shops looking for the ultimate feel good and good feeling yarns. I remember all the way through my teens and twenties my friends laughed at me as I knitted away, but were happy to make the most of hand-made jumpers hats and scarves. However, in the last decade my “uncoolness” has become fashionable again, and following the birth of my eldest son in 2011 I created Luxury Yarns.

My personal motto is “Life’s too short to knit with cheap yarn” and everything on this site reflects that. That’s not to say that all my yarns are all expensive, but they are chosen with a love of knitting in mind. I have pure cashmere from Italy, Silks from India and China, and in 2017 I tried hand-dyeing yarn and my new found love was born. I created the brand Orchidean (pronounced or-kid-ee-yan meaning characteristic of an orchid – exclusive, with a wide variety of shapes and colours) specifically for my hand dyed yarns.

In the last 9 years I have exhibited at most of the well known yarn fairs as well as some smaller and local craft fairs. I love the opportunity of meeting my customers face to face and getting to know them. I have started several monthly yarn clubs which are currently proving very popular. I have a mailing list which you can join here, and I’ll let you know about any special offers and forthcoming events. Plus you’ll get a voucher code for 11% off and given that I am juggling quite a few plates, I promise not to bombard your inbox as I rarely actually get time to write a newsletter…

I also run a knitting club for primary school children at my local church. I teach them to knit and then we make a variety of projects. We are currently making a squares for a blanket as the church also runs a homeless shelter during the winter months.  I love passing on this skill to the next generation!

Thanks again for looking – hopefully you will love what you see.

p.s. my husband is convinced that Luxury Yarns is just a way for me to legitimise my yarn addiction and that I am forever “getting high on my own supply”… I think he might have a point!
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