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Some thoughts on life, yarn a few other bits!

All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please note that anything pre-January 2018 was originally written in another package. I have transferred it over here but not all the information has translated as it should. I am slowly going through and editing old posts but please bear with me – if things look a bit strange ­čÖé

Off with a BANG!

So, my first Ōilyarns Club packages went out this week and I'll admit to being more than a little bit nervous.  I wanted to make them extra special to show my thanks for people who had supported and believed in me from the start. I waited until 1st November because I...

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┼Źilyarns club is almost here!

My long awaited yarn club is ready to go, with subscriptions opening on 1st October and the first packages going out early November. I've been trying to combine my two passions: yarns and d┼ŹTERRA essential oils, and find a way of sharing them with a wider...

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d┼ŹTERRA – an essential life

Have you heard of d┼ŹTERRA essential oils? You may have heard about them but not really understand what all the fuss is about so let me try and enlighten you... Before I begin, there is SO much to say about these wonderful oils that I could never fit it into one post...

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Moths and what we can do about them…

Last week I returned from a few days away with my boys, to the awful news... we had a moth infestation. Because of my business this is something I dread, however before you worry about anything you may have bought from me, I'd like to state that all of my stock is...

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Stress Awareness Month

Knitting and its numerous benefits Is knitting good for your health? In a word - YES! I have heard lots of talk about April being Stress Awareness Month so I thought I'd write a short post about how I deal with stress. Mental Health I have always been an anxious...

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New Canine Yarn

APRIL FOOL!! Much as I love my dog - and I love to bring you new yarns I'm not sure the two really go together (as this image shows!).  Happy Easter!

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Super Salve-ation

Luxury gifts with your luxury yarns... This post is not particularly yarn related bear with me...  I was recently introduced to doTERRA essential oils by a friend. I was slightly cynical at first because I am always a little wary of network marketing products, but...

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Taking Care of Luxury Yarns

What is the best way to care for hand knits? This is a question I get asked again and again, and now seems like the perfect time to talk about this as I am about to introduce the new range of Luxury Yarns Hand-Dyed.  We spend hours and hours making our items  - either...

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