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All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please note that anything pre-January 2018 was originally written in another package. I have transferred it over here but not all the information has translated as it should. I am slowly going through and editing old posts but please bear with me – if things look a bit strange 🙂

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Super Salve-ation

Luxury gifts with your luxury yarns... This post is not particularly yarn related bear with me...  I was recently introduced to doTERRA essential oils by a friend. I was slightly cynical at first because I am always a little wary of network marketing products, but...

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Taking Care of Luxury Yarns

What is the best way to care for hand knits? This is a question I get asked again and again, and now seems like the perfect time to talk about this as I am about to introduce the new range of Luxury Yarns Hand-Dyed.  We spend hours and hours making our items  - either...

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Spring Knitting and Stitching Show update

Spring Show...!!!? Ironic or what?! This was the view when I left my house last Wednesday, and I live in London so we hardly ever get snow! It was set-up day for the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show so I called the offices of to check that they were still going...

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Yarn Fairs and Wooly Festivals

Do you love yarn? So, the first of the year's yarn fairs are almost upon us (well actually it's Unravel this weekend but we don't talk about that as I have applied 3 years in a row and never managed to get a place...😫) Anyway, I'm going to be at the Knitting and...

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A SideWinder in the making

Why pay for a pattern? People often complain about paying for knitting patterns. There are so many patterns that are free, so why pay...? I think that many knitters have no idea of the process, the hard work, effort and cost involved, so I thought I'd write about my...

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New Look!

New year, new website, same great products. I have been deliberating over what to do with my website since the birth of my second son just over 2 years ago. When I originally started Luxury Yarns, I built the site on a platform that was the best choice at...

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Scam Alert!!!

I feel compelled to share this - scams become more and more commonplace every day, and I know too many people who have fallen victim to them. Therefore, I am writing this in the hope that if anyone else does a google search under any info in this post, this might help...

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Nottingham Yarn Expo

So, I am a bit excited and a bit nervous - I am off to Nottingham Yarn Expo on Friday. It's the first NYE and although I've done several shows this year, this one I wont have my friend Deb from FindMeKnitting with me. Shows on your own can be very lonely, not to...

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