As you may have heard… I have spent much of the last year chatting to Lisa (For The Love of Yarn)  and Michelle (Knit School & The Loveliest Yarn Co) – my Badass Girls. We have done two collaborations together which we have all enjoyed enormously. Therefore, we couldn’t let International Women’s Day pass without paying homage to the fact that we couldn’t cope without each other… Women supporting women is what it is all about!

In my LBC (life before children) I worked for several big media companies and frequently had women bosses, some of whom instead of supporting and nurturing did the opposite. It was as if their attitude was that they’d had to work twice hard to get where they were so all other women should too – and if I’m honest some of them were not very nice. The ones who had made it to the top had no work/life balance and instead of aspiring to be like them, they gave me a fairly clear idea of how I did NOT want to end up. Pay is still not equal between men and women but things are moving in the right direction. Fast forward 15 years and I am happy to say that I am now in an industry that is 99% women with an entirely different ethos. The yarn industry is amazing and I have made many great friends. It is supportive, nurturing and caring.

So, me and my Badass girls decided that we wanted to honour the day and create a bespoke colourways and raise money for charity as well. We are all using using a similar colour palette and my collection can be found here, and are Badass Diamond, Badass Minis and Badass Markers, and I am donating 30% of ALL sales site wide on Monday 8th March to Women’s Aid Charity.

“Women’s Aid is a grassroots federation working together to provide life-saving services in England and build a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated”

Sadly the COVID19 pandemic has dramatically increased the number of women and children needing to flee their homes, and it has also made it much much harder for them to do so. The work of this charity is instrumental in helping support families escaping abuse.

The Badass Collection will continue to raise money and can be back ordered when they are out of stock.

Friendships have always been important to me but this year more than ever I have relied on my girlfriends to pick me up and put me back together on more occasions than I can remember. I am very privileged to have some truly amazing women in my life and I am grateful for them every day. Thank you – you know who you are!

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