Luxury Yarns is a featured fibreshare vendor I am really excited to have been chosen to be a featured UK FibreShare vendor in the first 2020 yarn swap.

If you haven’t taken part in FibreShare before, or are unsure what they are, then head over to their website where you can read all about it and sign up!

Basically it is an International yarn swap with thousands of people taking part.  Once you have signed up you enter all sorts of information about what you like and what you don’t like. Everyone is then matched with 2 people – a Giver and a Receiver. i.e. one person will sends you a package and the other will receive a package from you.  There are a few conditions about what you must include to try and make it fair. I took part last year and really enjoyed it. I included loads of little gifts and extras because I really wanted my partner to enjoy receiving it. You should also definitely follow them on Instagram because it’s great to see what other people have shared ?

Applications open on 15th February, and close on 22nd. They will then do their matching, and send out the matches by 2nd March. They have a list of featured vendors on their website, each offering some sort of discount, and until 31st March you will get 15% discount on all my yarns if you enter the code SHAREYARN2020. (You do not actually have to be taking part in the FibreShare to use this code). It’s the same code for all their featured vendors too so make sure you check out their discount codes page which will be active from 1st March.

I really hope you take part as it’s a great way to try out new yarns and brands that you might not have otherwise heard about, and also make new yarnie friends. What’s not to love!

(Please note the small print – code does not apply to products on special offers, clubs, bespoke items and backorders).

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