So, I am a bit excited and a bit nervous – I am off to Nottingham Yarn Expo on Friday. It’s the first NYE and although I’ve done several shows this year, this one I wont have my friend Deb from FindMeKnitting with me. Shows on your own can be very lonely, not to mention extremely hard work.

Having said this, I’ve met lots of lovely people at the various shows and I think most of them are going to be in Nottingham so I am sure it will be great. I am almost ready and this gorgeous Queen Silk Lace has just arrived. There are 4 existing colourways and 3 new ones. I’ve also stocked up on some un-dyed lace because I know that there are many of you who like to have a go at dyeing your own…

Velluto-4ply 100% extra fine merino The-Post-War-Dream-2


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