Follow The Moon – Kit


Another stunning, light and delicate shawl from Marna at An Caitin Beag.

Mulberino 4ply Tonals


Cloud Lace

Cloud: Kid Mohair and Silk Lace - Cream
Cloud: Kid Mohair and Silk Lace - Chocolate
Cloud: Kid Mohair and Silk Lace - Sage
Cloud: Kid Mohair and Silk Lace Shocking
Cloud: Kid Mohair and Silk Lace Highlighter
Cloud: Kid Mohair and Silk Lace Peuce
Cloud Lace Silver
Haze Cloud Lace
Candy Floss Cloud Lace
Absinthe Cloud Lace
Lotus Martini Cloud Lace


Another stunning, light and delicate shawl from Marna at An Caitin Beag.  If you like this then you might also like 100 Words For Rain 

Yarn A: 100gr/ 400 metres of Mulberino 4-ply yarn
Yarn B: 50gr/ 400 metres of Cloud Lace

Take two very different yarns, add a simple slip-stitch stripe pattern, mix gently with your needles…. and you’ve knit the moon! Follow The Moon is a very knittable shawl, perfect for relaxing with, and the 3/4-pi shaping means it’s also a very wearable shawl.

Colour choices – Choosing identical or very similar colours for both yarns will emphasize the textural contrasts.

 Gauge – 18 sts/ 24 rows to 10cm/ 4”, on a washed, blocked swatch. I used a 4mm needle to get this gauge. Perfect gauge isn’t essential for this project. You’re aiming for a loose and drapey fabric. Changes in gauge will mean a larger or smaller shawl and a change in yarn requirements.

Swatching – Using yarn A, knit one row and purl one row. Switch to yarn B and knit both rows. Repeat these four rows as you knit the swatch. You should block the swatch under tension, stretching it well and pinning it out to dry.

Tools and notions – Circular needles of 80cm or longer length in size used to get gauge. Tapestry needle, for weaving in ends. Two stitchmarkers


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Mulberino 4ply Tonals

Weight 100 g

Silver Lining, Silver Bells, Fun Fun Fun, The Sound Of Silence, Slip Sliding Away, I am A Rock, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Hazy Shade of Winter, Mrs Robinson, Caribbean Queen, 50 ways to leave your lover, Diamons on The Soles of Her Shoes, Scarborough Fair

Cloud Lace

Weight N/A

Cream, Chocolate, Sage, Shocking, Highlighter, Peuce, Silver, Creme De Menthe, Blue Lagoon, Mojito, Haze, Candy Floss, Absinth, Ocean Breeze, Lotus Martini, B-52, Skys The Limit


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