Tutti Fruity Treggings


Pure cashmere baby trousers/leggings designed to match Tutti Fruity jumper.
Sizes: 0-3 [3-6, 6-9] months


Pure cashmere baby trousers/leggings designed to go with Tutti Fruity jumpers and together they make a gorgeous set. The pattern has been written for knitting in the round, and for knitting flat, and they have been designed with a larger back to fit over a nappy. The          y have a ribbed waistline with holes for a ribbon, or as I prefer – a cashmere rope. Designed specifically with Di Lusso pure cashmere.

Sizes: 0-3 [3-6, 6-9] months (You could make them larger but once a baby is crawling it would be crazy to put them in cashmere trousers!)
Yarn requirements: 2 [3, 4] balls (although if you are making them to match a jumper you can use different colours for the cuffs and waistband)


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