Luxury gifts with your luxury yarns…

This post is not particularly yarn related bear with me…  I was recently introduced to doTERRA essential oils by a friend. I was slightly cynical at first because I am always a little wary of network marketing products, but having started slowly with just a couple, my arsenal has grown and grown. They not only smell amazing when diffused but have many other therapeutic uses – and one thing that makes them stand out from all other brands is that many of them can be taken internally either in cooking, or via veggie caps.

Anyway, this is not a sales pitch – if you are interested then please contact my friend Caroline who is a Health Coach and Wellness Advocate at Great In Great Out. She can give you more information. However, suffice to say that I am completely converted and the oils have become part of my every day life – diffusing, remedies and most recently creams and potions. My younger son has a few allergies and is prone to eczema, and it has been quite bad recently. I’ve tried so many creams which do not seem to be having any effect and rather than cover him in steroids, Caroline suggested that I make some cream using the oils and a few other natural ingredients. It was very easy – I bought some organic ingredients and added a few drops of essential oils and made some incredible salve.

I have been using it on his eczema for a few days and the difference is amazing. Sure it hasn’t got rid of it as quickly as steroids would have but I’m really pleased with the fact that it seems to be working. Not only this but I have been using it on my other son’s face as he has very dry skin from the cold weather, as a nappy cream, and even as lip balm!  And because I know exactly what’s gone into it I have no qualms about putting it on my children.

So, back to my point… any of you who have ordered from me in the past  will know that I like to include a little gift with your order. This is because as a yarnie myself I know that receiving yarn is always a treat so I like to enhance the experience. I gift wrap my orders and include a teabag and cosmetic sample – luxury gifts with your luxury yarns. Until recently this has been hand cream and other skin products from HerbFarmacy – because I love their natural products. But now that I have created my own, why not make mini sample pots of my Super-Salve instead? I ordered some little pots, got some labels printed with Bumble & Blossom‘s logo – this seemed more appropriate as it’s my “handmade” brand, and then made a batch in the kitchen this morning.

Bumble and Blossom Logo

So next time you buy from me – there’ll be a little pot of super salve-ation. Made from the purest natural ingredients that are 99% organic (doTERRA do not certify their products as organic although in most cases they are, however they are all Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade).  You can use it for absolutely anything – in particular dry skin, eczema, hand cream, lip balm and nappy balm, safe in the knowledge that it contains no nasties!

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Evening Primrose Oil, Beeswax, Lemon Essential Oil, Wild Orange Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Maleleuca Essential Oil (Tea Tree).



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