So, it has been quite a while since my last post (2 and a half years to be precise!) in that time I have had another boy and he is now 10 months old! Wow – time really does fly…

So, I haven’t been paying much attention to Luxury Yarns – in fact some might say I’ve neglected it, but I have really missed it and have been looking forward to getting back to work.  Although I haven’t been writing much the business itself has been ticking along in the background – I have some lovely new customers and lots of gorgeous new Luxury Yarns. I will write more about them in the weeks to come. I just wanted to write a quick post so that anyone who follows my yarnaholic blog will see that I am back albeit with a baby brain!

Also, as the post title suggests – I have been knitting, and crocheting a lot! I have made a variety of items for my baby and have also been knitting for a charity. So much so in fact that I am back to the point where people keep asking me to make things for them… Now as anyone who knits/crochets will know – it is not a way to make a living… once you have paid for the wool and added up the time it has taken you work out that you are crafting for well below the minimum wage. I also believe that life really is too short to knit with cheap yarn!

So, to my gorgeous boys – Casper and Lucas – they are amazing and are my inspiration. Just as one is getting too old to be dressed in home made garments, the other comes along 🙂

Here are some of the things I have made him since he was born in November last year…



Love as ever


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