It’s no secret that I love essential oils…. but why exactly do I love them…?

I have always been driven by smells – I used to collect perfume samples as a child, and I love how certain smells can trigger long forgotten memories – the soap my mother used, the shampoo a friend has, and even someone’s clothes can evoke such strong feelings… In the past would frequently be seen choosing washing detergents, household products and even face creams purely based on their smell. So, if someone had said to me 5 years ago that I would no longer use perfume, manufactured soaps or shower gels, big brand skincare products, that I wouldn’t have any traditional cleaning products and fragranced laundry detergents in the house, I wouldn’t have believed them. I was a huge sceptic when I first heard about dōTERRA and had always thought of essential oils as nothing more than a nice smell (and many of them weren’t even that!). I was fairly dismissive of them, and considered them mainly used by hippies… However, a good friend of mine who is in no way “alternative” pestered me to try them and eventually I gave in…

I started with just a couple that I particularly liked the smell of, and didn’t believe any of the other information. They were supposedly going to help me sleep – yeh right. When they arrived I put them in the diffuser and the smell was incredible. I had in the past been turned off by the smell of lavender as it conjured up images of old people’s homes and nasty soap. However, the smell of this oil Serenity was almost intoxicating. I loved it. I had been told to add a drop to the sole of my feet, so I thought why not… The next thing I knew it was 8 hours later and I awoke feeling well rested and refreshed. I hadn’t had sleep like that in a long long time. I was already well into my menopause at this point, as I had early onset ovarian failure so started my menopause at around 38, so insomnia and midnight wakings were part of normal life for me, so, when I next woke at 2am I tried it again and low and behold – I was back to sleep in no time – this oil quickly became a game changer for me and I can honestly say that the whole family have used it every night since then. Obviously it isn’t 100% and I still have the odd night where I can’t sleep but they are few and far between.

I had also bought a diffuser, Elevation which smells absolutely AMAZING, and Lemon and Grapefruit – mainly because I was curious to try them in fizzy water as alternatives to sweet drinks. I loved them. I didn’t know much about oils, but you can just tell the quality. They were so perfect. I then decided to buy a few more and went for the Home Essential Kit* – which includes their ten most versatile oils. I was slightly kicking myself that I hadn’t started with this kit in the first place because it includes the enrolment fee, but I think I needed to discover how amazing the oils were first. This kit really was the start of the biggest change in my life since having children. It came with a pdf with 150 things I could use the oils for, and my oily journey was off… I learned that many of the oils contained naturally antibiotic antimicrobial and antifungal properties – they were the plants medicine.

Since then, some of the products I never leave home without (and many of which live in the car!)

ZenGest – perfect for those tummy upsets – and lives in the car because my youngest gets car sick and this helps him enormously.
Owie Spray – melaleuca, frankincense and lavender mixed with FCO – great for minor cuts and grazes as it doesn’t sting and is antibacterial and healing.
Lemon – great for cleaning, water flavour, clearing the air
Peppermint – great for relieving headaches, tummies, breath
Lavender & peppermint roller – the perfect antidote to insect bites/stings and also great with nettle sting too!
Frankincense – just great for everything!
Copaiba – amazing for calming the nerves, and soothing pain
Lavender – great for skin and exceptional when used neat on a burn (as we have found several times when camping)
Serenity roller – the whole family use this on their feet at bedtime and we all sleep better for it.
Home made shower foam – this is so easy to make and I now have several friends who I’ve given these to, and every time they visit they bring their empties and I refill them. Having said this, it’s actually SO easy to do yourself, but I appreciate that’s a step that some people need longer to take.

In reality there are many more than this, and in fact depending on where we are going and how much space we have, I have been known to take ALL my oils, otherwise I always need one I don’t have. They have become my go-to for just about everything from earache, stomach ache, growing pains, to fear anxiety and worry.

In the 5 years since I started using them I have researched and learned a lot about the oils: that many of them have naturally antibiotic, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties – they are after all the plant’s medicine, and as we share very similar cell structure and DNA with plants it stands to reason that these oils would work on us too. In fact, you don’t have to go back too far in history to see that they were widely used for a huge range of medicinal purposes. I couldn’t understand why more people didn’t know about them, but also learned about the importance of purity and quality. That the science behind their production is SO important, and how 99% of oils on the market are either adulterated or completely counterfeit. It also made me wonder why it is that more people don’t know about them and use them but that is a whole other story that I will embark on another time…

That’s why I love dōTERRA, and why I decided to become a wellness advocate and partner with them – because they are one of the most ethical companies I have ever encountered and their mission is to help everyone, from the farmers, and distillers, to the end user. This is a great video about their Frankincense production in Somalia and how they have helped the communities achieve a fair price for their precious product. They are committed to sustainability, and invest in the future (see this video about planting Hawaiian Sandalwood) . They do not produce any oil until they know that they can do so without any negative impact on the planet. In addition they have a huge charitable foundation called The Healing Hands Foundation which supports and empowers people all over over the world, from helping to prevent child trafficking, to eliminating period poverty. In short – it’s a company that is so aligned with my own values and ethics that it’s an added bonus that I love the oils so much ?

*NB If you are interested in joining dōTERRA you will get 25% off any of the prices listed in the links. Please contact me for how to do this. I will just add PLEASE PLEASE do not buy dōTERRA oils from anyone other than dōTERRA. You may see them cheaper on Amazon or ebay, but beware – they are very easy to dilute or adulterate and as such there are many unscrupulous people selling counterfeit products.

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